Where strangers become friends

Club Kaleidoscope was founded in 2022 by 5 Good friends in Second Life.  Unfortunately 2 of the Owners have had to step down so it is now co owned by myself, my SL wife Ginnie and Asami.  We are a moderate sim and do not discriminate against any type of avatar. Everyone is welcome to join in with our events and use the facilities at the Club.  We have music sets put together by great DJs and supported by welcoming hosts that run from Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm SLT, however this is subject to change.  

Guests are always welcomed and are treated like friends from the moment they arrive by both staff and other guests alike "Without the excessive use of gestures & cookie cutter greetings & thank yous'.  Club Kaleidoscope is a great way to meet some great people and possibly make some new friends.  All guests are encouraged to have some good friendly chat and banter in local. this is the best way to enjoy your time here and make the most of the relaxing and friendly atmosphere that is very hard to find in Second Life.


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