Where strangers become friends

DJ Sets

Set are run every Friday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm SLT. Great Djs and welcoming hosts make this the friendliest place in SL

Fun and Games

Come and play against your friends with some of the most popular Card Games in SL among others such as Skippo, Hand & Foot, Greedy and more.

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Set Locations

With 7 locations to choose from the set are always different offering a different experience whenever you come over.

The PGA Tour awaits

Fancy yourself the next Tiger Woods then give this 14 hole mini Golf course a try and see if you think you can make the cut.

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That's right put on the Sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful beach with some friends for a nice relaxing and chilled environment.

Cosy Spots

Grab your partner and enjoy some quiet time in one of our many Cosy spots where you can relax and chat and enjoy your time together.

Picturesque Settings

Many idyllic locations to take some beautiful photos. Just perfect for all your social media needs.

Amusement Park

Loads of fun to be had at this Amusement Park> come on over and go on the rides. Put it on mouselook for the most realistic rides in sl.